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So really, it's about one person being "in love" with someone or something. Here you can explore beautiful tarot card images, artwork and illustrations. Tarot Readings for You for May 6, 2014 Tuesday(c) May 5, 2014 by Emily. The Lovers is a card everyone wants to draw, but it is far more complex than just signifying new love in your life, or harmony and happiness. Sometimes the Lovers tarot card indicates you are learning by opposites. I will teach it to you and it is super simple. Lack of unity and finding a common ground. Tarot Cards : The Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana - The Suit of Wands , The Suit of Cups , The Suit of Swords , The Suit of Pentacles . The Lovers in the One Card Tarot Spread is telling you that a soulmate connection may be at hand, but there is a choice to be made. You dealt The Lovers! The Lovers is a card in the Major Arcana and is a powerful card. Divinatory meaning Upright – Harmony and union, choices to be made using intuition and not intellect. Privacy policy · About Wikipedia · Disclaimers · Contact Wikipedia · Developers · Cookie statement · Mobile view. The Lovers is the sixth card in the Tarot Deck. W is a Metaphysician, Ordained Minister, and Licensed Officiant in the State of Hawaii. Upright Lovers Tarot Card Meanings The Lovers According to A. The Lover's Path Tarot combines gorgeous artwork, Tarot symbolism and love stories, and is ideal for use in readings about love, dating and relationships. The Lovers is the card of choices . The Lovers Tarot Card Is Crucial To A Deck. REVERSED. Reconciliation Tarot Cards & The return of your Ex called up and told he seems kinda upset these days! then i tried my tarot! it goes something like this! lovers The Lover's Path is intended for when a romantic relationship requires deep examination. This could be a new love coming into your life or a deepening of an existing relationship. The Lovers tarot card is a major arcana that, in the upright position, is going to offer a sense of unity and love along with a sense of harmony that manages to transcend every sector of your life. While one woman is older, representing the young man’s mother, the other one is young, representing the man’s wife-to-be. A Tarot article by KEEN. The Lovers' Tarot by Lyle, Jane Mixed media product Book The Fast Free Shipping In a reading, The Lovers tell of mutual love and a well-matched couple. . A couple in love is about to be joined in marriage. Lovers reversed. Lovers Tarot Card Meaning. ” It almost always points to partnerships with just one other person; generally, not surprisingly, this indicates a romantic partnership. Fortune telling meanings and interpretation for The Lovers in general, love, relationships, feelings, outcomes, future, positive and negative readings and as a yes or no. The Tarot Lovers' Tarot comes as a book and deck set. The Lovers appearing in a tarot spread may be indicating that a new relationship will be successful and of deeper significance than previously experienced. Games Systems has selected some of the most beautiful Lovers cards from your favorite tarot decks, both classic and contemporary, to present this special collection of six Tarot Magnets. The nudity of the figures show they have nothing to hide from each other. It inspires  The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning: Being drawn to someone or something, The Lovers is all about the bliss of coming together and connecting with another person. The Lovers One Card Meaning. The Lovers suggests that you begin to contemplate the loving and supportive energy in the Universe. It is said that nature is merciless and pitiless and there is truth to that perhaps, but equally there is beauty in nature, and that could be said to be loving in a sense. It can show heartbreaking relationship break ups and a longing to reunite. The Lovers tarot card speaks of doing what you love and being with the people you love. The Lovers tarot card is one of the best cards for a healthy soul-based love relationship. It had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 22, 2017. Like all the Major Arcana, The Lovers refers to important events happening in your life now. This tarot reading studies the relationship on four levels, mirroring the elemental forces of water, fire, air, and earth. It is also expected in readings for a love related question. Using the Rider Waite Tarot, you can see your future based on the cards you have drawn. com. Whatever is happening or about to happen, it is going to be a surprise. See more of Lovers Tarot on Facebook. It's intended to provide a complex picture of the relationship as of that moment. 15. Create New Account. Quick Cheat Sheet The Reversed Lovers Represent: The Lovers Arcana (恋愛, Ren ai) or (恋人, Koibito) is a recurring Arcana in the Persona series. Unsurprisingly, I like to call it yes/no tarot. The Lovers Tarot Card Description. As the symbolism in the card suggests the card is more concerned with morality and choice than physical passion. The top 10 Tarot cards and card combinations for reconciliation and getting back together with an ex in love and romance Tarot readings. tarot card meaning sheet All the tarot card menaings, upright and reversed, in our handy A4 meanings sheet. Lovers reversed next to Magician can mean being afraid of falling in love. Upright Lovers. Schiffer Publishing Tarot Lovers' Tarot - If you love Tarot, you've come to the right place! With 78 beautiful and elegant Tarot cards and an essential reference guide for traditional card meanings, this is a stylish combination of divination tools. Its most obvious message shows a willingness to follow a loved one to the end of the earth if necessary because the infatuation is so strong. Email address. The first card that is not centred around a central figure, but two instead. Former Flame Tarot. The Lovers Tarot card is almost parodical in its emphasized innocence. The couple seems secure and happy in their home, which appears to be the Garden of Eden. The Lovers is also well known as ‘The Choice’ card. Another meaning of the reversed Lovers Tarot card is that of bad choices that have been made. If you're in a relationship, you should get an 'in love' peak  Please feel free to contact me with any questions and thanks for visiting the shop! WayHaught | The Lovers | Wynonna Earp Tarot Print (2nd Edition). The images were drawn by hand using pencil and fibre pen. Tarot Meaning: The Lovers is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini, “The Twins. On one hand, the card embodies love and union on a cosmic scale — a love so strong, so inherently good that it actually makes the lovers better, more than they really are. In tarot readings, the Lovers Arcana initially represented two paths life could lead to, and thus a symbol of standing at a crossroad and needing to make a decision. Lovers Tarot Card Meanings Traditionally The Lovers was the triumph card of love but the depiction has appeared in various guises and with differing interpretations, so other meanings may apply (depending upon the deck you’re using) involving a choice between two paths (temptation and virtue) or sometimes a love choice between two people. Connecting to someone on a soul level. Circo says: “This deck is based on my first deck the Gilded Tarot, but is a complete working of that original deck, every images was redone. Lovers tarot card indicates soulmate love and spiritual fulfillment. More. Feb 8, 2019 The Lovers tarot card meanings stem from its connection to Astrology It is also a card for enlightenment and communication, and by being  The meaning of the Lovers tarot card both upright and reversed in readings on love, relationships, career, people, The Lovers card can be a call for unity. Please click on one of them to see their article: The Lovers card can signify a platonic relationship as well. Tarot Meaning Reversed: Even when reversed The Lovers is a powerfully positive omen, particularly of course for romantic relationships, but in truth, for all relationships in your life. 6 is 3 x 2, or Divinity (3) multiplied by Duality (2). Jun 23, 2017 Left-facing lovers represent androgyny, a balancing of the both. And, it is going to happen in the realm of Love. Abstract thought, internal harmony and union, second sight. The Focus Card: The Lovers. The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Often associated with love and the blessing of a soul mate, The Lovers card mostly speaks of choices, virtue and balance. Jun 21, 2018 He is said to oversee the elements; more specifically the air. Be extremely grateful for everything we love and have received in this lifetime! Psychic The Hermit Tarot Card. Log In The Major Arcana counterpart to the Devil is the Lovers. Be sure to communicate clearly and honestly with your loved ones. Sometimes Lovers in a Tarot reading indicates a friend that has special insight into a relationship, or that a relationship with a sibling or neighbor will start anew. The Seeker might feel disconnected and numb. Get a free tarot reading on love and relationships at Aeclectic Tarot. Tarot Cards & Reviews Free Tarot Readings Tarot Books Tarot Card Meanings Tarot Forum Discover the Major Arcana Tarot card meanings and reversed card meanings in relation to love and relationships, family, career and money, health, spirituality. The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings for Love. Choice and dilemma are another aspect of The Lovers Tarot card meaning. The Lovers signifies intimate relationships, the union between two people bonding together as one. 00. 3 things the narc does when YOU go NO The Lovers Major Arcana Tarot Card print over an upcycled vintage dictionary page book art. Contact someone you love and tell them. As such, there are a whole host of  The Lovers card is one of the cards in the tarot that greatly depends on the other Lovers card also heralds good news regarding communication and personal  Apr 29, 2019 for that too. The Lovers – Seventh Card of Tarot Deck. Aug 29, 2017 How Does Tarot Work? Services · Blog · Reviews / Press · Contact. In some Tarot layouts, the positioning of the card is just as important as the symbolism. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Contact Lovers Tarot on Messenger. The Lovers is associated with the star sign Gemini, and indeed is also known as The Twins in some decks. My new YouTube channel is : Thoth Tarot Videos. This is a card of harmony and mutual attraction. Although it has taken on a strictly romantic revision of meaning in some modern decks, traditionally The Lovers Tarot card reflected the challenges of choosing a partner. The Lovers is an interesting Tarot card. I did not know at the time that there were actual systems to do timing with the Tarot cards. Tarot-Lovers. It is used . Tarot Birth Cards - The Devil and The Lovers. Other associations are with Air, Mercury, and the Hebrew letter ז . The Lovers card in a Tarot reading is associated with messages and making contact with harmonious results. In the Lovers tarot, the interaction is one of enrichment: While one kind of love can enhance the others, it may also exist on its own. Since physical attractions are an inevitable aspect of life, the temptation they present to forget what is truly in your heart poses a formidable struggle, especially when you make the wrong choice. The reversed Tarot card meaning of the Lovers Tarot card can show conflicts, whether with yourself or with others. This makes the Tarot Lovers' Tarot an ideal deck for both beginners and professional Tarot readers alike. + See more of Lovers Tarot on Facebook. Cupid is about to shoot his arrow, thereby allowing love to triumph. For instance, if the Lovers appear in the "past" aspect of a spread, it can often indicate that whatever you're dealing with now will be influenced by a strong, loving partnership. Tarot Card Meanings / Major Arcana / Lovers Tarot Card. April 24 Today's World Barometer Tarot Card Reading is The Lovers. The book is an excellent reference guide which contains all of the standard 78 card meanings plus much more important information on each card. Tarot Meanings for card VI The Lovers. In many Tarot decks, The Lovers card features two women and one man. When I started reading Tarot I didn’t have a clue and I kinda made up ways to answer questions. Find out more! Together with the lovers card it could indicate that this contact will be taken a longer time or that about karmic relationships. Waite The Meaning of the Lovers Tarot Card in Divination Here is what the occultist Arthur Edward Waite, co-creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, had to say about the Lovers Major Arcana card in divination. This represents the sick misrepresentation of love, where it’s riding you like a monkey on your back. Tarot card “The Lovers”  The Lovers' Tarot: For Affairs of the Heart [Jane Lyle] on Amazon. Lovers tarot card meanings summary. The angel’s hair is like fire, indicating passion, and below it is the sun, warming the lovers. The arrival of this card in a Tarot reading shows that you have a beautiful, soul-honouring connection with a loved one. Learn how to read the the lovers Card in the major arcana of the Rider waite deck of Tarot cards from Amanda Goldson, who is a Tarot Coach and Author and has over 16 years experience of reading and teaching tarot cards New Worlds of Body, Mind & Spirit is Llewellyn Worldwide's consumer catalog. The tarot provides a useful tool for gaining these insights and for finding out how best to proceed with new and established relationships. He is re- splendent as the sun and she, green as the growing earth. I am talking about the Lovers card. The major arcana videos are yet to be remade. The Lovers represent union and commitment in many forms. Divine Implications The lovers card is also interpreted as having a divine powerful connection, it can represent the establishment of a spiritual foundation. 6 is the number of harmony and of balance. , a non-profit organization. The Lovers card is one of the cards in the tarot that greatly depends on the other cards surrounding it. If I draw the Lovers, does that mean the person I'm thinking about loves me for sure? The Lovers is a great card for sex, but not for long-term love. He is not really symbolic of having the devil as in influence around a person. When The Lovers tarot card is drawn, love is in the breeze, lurking nearby, or maybe that your love life is about to change or be influenced in some significant way. The Lovers is Tarot card #6 and The Tower is #16. The Lovers major arcana tarot card meaning & reversed card meaning in the context of love, relationships, money, career, health & spirituality all free! Oct 11, 2016 If the Lovers card shows up in your Tarot reading, it could have many the sign of mental stimulation, movement, communication, and choice. The Lovers card represents the complex archetype of love, passion, sexuality and the ability to choose – to choose with the heart. For a relationship to remain healthy, active and forward moving is  Learn the in-depth and intuitive meaning of The Lovers tarot card in the Major Arcana, including keywords, life situations, and positive & negative traits. It’s important to view the location and the placement of the card in order for the true meaning for you personally to be understood. Traditional Meaning – The Hermit symbolizes a need to minimize distractions in order to think and evaluate circumstances. It asks you to learn the art of correct thinking and communication, both of  Jan 6, 2015 The name THE LOVERS is a symbol, not a statement. THE LOVERS. please visit the help section or contact us Media in category "Lovers (Major Arcana)" The following 17 files are in this category, out of 17 total. It could represent problems in life, or a lover in your life that is a deeply unhealthy situation. The Lovers Tarot is a key part of tarot readings that have been used by a substantial number of different people who have expressed interest in all sorts of different concepts on how the world of romance is to follow. The Lovers card speaks more of Agape than of Eros, the non-carnal love instead of the After a parade of single characters, The Lovers shows us what happens when we join complementary elements in a union. Evatarot. be clear about what your boundaries and expectations are. So I just made up my own way, which I still use today. It was released on May 5, 2017, by A24 The Lovers card indicates both the most powerful of unions and the most challenging of conflicts that humans must face. Often interpreted as representing romantic love, coupledom or marriage, in fact, its Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Lovers Card Symbols. . Get The California Psychics Mobile App. The Lovers is the sixth card of the Major Arcana set. Tarot Readings for You for June 5, 2014 Thursday(c) Jun 5, 2014 by Emily. Divinatory Meaning of The Lovers: Upright Meaning of The Lovers Tarot Card: The Lovers are not necessarily an omen of romantic love in the querent’s life. The two lovers are not even holding hands, but remaining apart, forcefully separated by an angelic figure - albeit with red instead of white wings, as a discreet indicator of passion. In a love tarot reading, drawing the lovers tarot card is usually a call for attention,  The Lover's Path Tarot whispers that all love relationships mirror our relationship with Featuring inspiring lovers such as Cleopatra and Caesar, Arthur and  Oct 25, 2015 A tarot card expert analyzes the cards of the Major Arcana deck for us. Jan 19, 2016 The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Air, Raphael and the billowing cloud represent the central importance of communication in a relationship. Do you have an old love you can't get over? Or has an ex reappeared and you're not sure if you should give the relationship a second chance? The Lovers Tarot. A spread for love. 5 million people (like you!) are inspired to live more mindful and enlightened lives, using the Tarot as a guide. Not only does love comes in many forms, but the Lovers may indicate important or difficult choices ahead in your life. So simple, so magical, so ethereal, but isn’t that what love is all about? Relax and concentrate on your question, when you’re ready click below to start your reading Interpreting the Lovers Tarot Card. Inc. Purple is the color of royalty and high spirituality. Let’s look at the picture below of The Lovers. Discover the meaning of the The Lovers card in Tarot by asking (and answering) the right questions. The number of The Lovers Tarot card is 6. Guidance What keeps us from really connecting? – convention, right? Whether it is an individual we might click with, whether it is a subject or issue to even think about, whether it is our destiny, whether it is money, there is usually at least one obstacle to stumble us. This is a special free Love Tarot Reading that uses a unique 3 card spread exclusive to Trusted Tarot. Love Tarot. The excitement and intensity of intertwining fates and passionate new relationships. 4:43. 41 likes. As if to indulge in a profoundly passionate love affair cannot be, in itself, sustainable. The Lovers (VI) is the sixth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. Contact Us . The Lovers are one of the most complex cards in the Major Arcana, standing for the love in common and the alchemy of the universe. Tarot Card Meaning: The Lovers A man and a woman, naked but not ashamed, stand in a meadow while an angel in purple looks down. The Thoth Lovers Tarot Card contains much more symbology than the Waite Card, with a heavy emphasis on alchemy that started with the Magus. Each Tarot card has a number, and this number has deep metaphysical significance. Lovers Tarot Card Keywords. The Lovers is about falling in love, sexual attraction, and taking a The Lovers as an outcome also indicates communication. As such, there are a whole host of meanings to consider as well as the relationship and love aspect. Lust, frequently. Your first instinct will most likely be to associate this card as representing love, but, much like love, it does not possess a simple nature. In traditional tarot The Lovers is depicted as a man and a woman standing nude on the earth beneath an angel. Lovers Tarot Card Description. If the pair is upside-down, it might be time to look at what lacks communication  The Divinatory meaning of The Lovers tarot card is magnetism and attraction, desire, . If you have a business partner you need to communicate with them and ensure that you are both in agreement about the direction the business is taking and your goals for the future. Dec 30, 2014 There is a card in Tarot that is all about communication. Yes, but for totally selfish reasons and/or a booty call. The Lovers - Tarot Card Mary Bogart, Psychic Medium Lovers Card in Rider Waite Tarot Upright and Reversed by Amanda Amanda Goldston 7,492 views. All brought to life by the exquisite tarot cards provided by Aquatic Tarot and Ciro Marchetti. The Lovers Tarot reversed in a career context can indicate disharmony in a business partnership. This is the sixth Major Arcana card that is used in many tarot decks. In some Tarot decks, the hands of The Lovers are joined: yet another symbol, both Christian and pagan, of the union of matrimony. The Lovers tarot card is represented by the intoxicating beauty of the orchid, symbolising romantic temptation. Traditionally there are three characters depicted on the lovers tarot card. The angel between a woman and a man, depicted on this card, symbolizes the struggle of deciding to follow one’s heart versus one Lovers next to Sun mean falling in love at first sight. Find out about its interpretation & reversed meaning. You may think that this card tis card and siblings. Ask the Tarot Oracle another question In many Tarot decks, the Lovers offers a twofold message. You find out what you want and need by experiencing what you don’t want. Tarot Card Meanings The Lovers - Authors. The Lovers represent the union between the masculine and the feminine. We love tarot decks! We feature tarot card art from popular tarot decks ranging from the traditional to the more unique and original. Dr. The Devil and the Lovers together, combined as a pair of Tarot birth cards make for an intense combination. Love, certainly. In the Lovers card, the man and the woman in the image are being protected and blessed by an angel above. Traditionally depicting a woman and man with their feet on the ground and their heads in the sky, they symbolize unity: between themselves, and between Heaven and Earth. At a crossroads, one cannot take both paths. In respect to the Lovers Tarot card air is used as a metaphor for communication,  If the Lovers or Heirophant or 10 of Cups are present a committed reading and adds another layer of connection through physical contact, sex and pleasure! The Lovers – Love is in the air, falling in love, being love. (ii) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card. We don’t have to limit ourselves to romance – we are dealing with the realm of symbols here, and in tarot The Lovers can refer to any joining of forces. The Lovers card is used in a stacked deck by James Bond in the movie ‘Live & let Die’ to trick Solitaire into sleeping with him & thus losing her power of second sight. When this card shows up in regard to  The Lovers is the sixth card of the Major Arcana set. Lovers next to the World tarot card often means a romance across continents. The Lovers is a card of open communication and raw honesty. More Tarot Tarot Lovers The complete guide to tarot cards, their meanings, spreads, readings and free online tarot readings. The Lovers reveals that pure love is unavoidable and that we do not know what causes it, just that it is a completely transformational energy that brings us together. Their union is sanctioned by a person on earth and by Cupid in the heavens. The Lovers card, in this context, means choice between psychological idleness and true inner growth. The Lovers card is representative not only of crucial life choices, but also of lovers, couples, and other partnerships, like business partners, siblings, and friends. The Lovers card represents relationships and choices, and can indicate that there is a struggle with temptation in your life. 6 – The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed While the lovers tarot card is still about making a choice from the heart, the querent is ignoring the message of his heart and disturbs the connection and the harmony. Difficult decisions to be made not necessarily about love. contact us at Spirituality and Tarot - Contact Us | Tarot Angel & Goddess Oracles. Guidance In the same breath, we talk about three different things: (1) a life-changing realization (an epiphany) that creates a new awareness – a new ‘you,’ really; (2) a new love partner in your story, or the return of a past love; (3) a new level of awareness when you connect with God. The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed Overview: The Lovers tarot card of the Major Arcana in this position signifies difficulties. The Lovers examine the level of and quality of communication within your relationships. The wonderful soul Avia Venefica from Tarot Teachings has graciously donated her interpretations. It stars Debra Winger, Tracy Letts, Aidan Gillen, Melora Walters, Tyler Ross and Jessica Sula. Message. Thoth Lovers Tarot Card Tutorial . The Tarot Lovers deck is a standard 78-card deck making it great for playing the game of Tarot as well as for more orthodox uses. Here is the meaning of the Tarot cards, trying to remain as faithful as possible to the symbolism and to the true meaning of the cards. Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Lovers including upright and reversed card meanings. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you must concentrate hard on a specific question that relates to your love life. Reversed Tarot Lovers Card Meaning. Some of the positive associations with this card are as follows: I found an old tarot book on my shelf titled, “The Lovers’ Tarot,” which is different than the Lovers’ Tarot from Valentine’s Day. The Tower is symbiotic with The Lovers card. The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning. The lovers tarot card reversed tells that the querent is not ready to commit. Specializes in Tarot Card Readings. The mountain in the background of the Lovers tarot shows the spiritual heights you can reach when you have all three types of love. or. The Lovers's Meaning. The Lovers tells of mutual attraction and implies that relationships will be loving and all trials overcome. An introduction to the meaning of the Lovers tarot card The Lovers tarot card is saturated with passion, desire, attraction, sexuality, and of course, love. Possibly a struggle between two paths. The devil is one of the most misunderstood cards in the pack. Whatever it is, it takes you out of yourself. The oldest decks call it "The amorous one," The Lovers being a mistranslation. S. Love, relationships, a choice, seeking love, partnership, conflicting options. The love tarot is a specific tarot that is derived from the tarot, which aims to explore all forms of romantic issues. Product/Service. Not finding what you're looking for? Save lovers tarot deck to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. The Lovers Card in Tarot brings important messages about your love life. Inhabiting a realm of their own, the Lovers feed off one another's energy in a union characterized by intensity, infatuation, and a commitment of both What is the Meaning of The Lovers Tarot Card? The 6th card of the Major Arcana, The Lovers, is a very positive card tied to one of the most desired human experiences: love. But there is also the inherent notion of a choice that the Lovers implies. There is also an idea of you feeling that there is some balance in your life and a general idea of things working out in your favour. or lovers with lots of natural ingredients, indulge in a mini-makeover, The importance of communication is emphasized as we navigate our choices. It asks you to take a look at your values and morals. Some form of test and consideration about commitments. It represents marriage, unity, and partnership. Free love tarot is the best way to answer questions about relationships - past and present - and to get a glimpse into love and romance in your future. Name. The Lovers's key themes are attachment or combination, conflicting choices, partners, relationships, union. Love is the center of all our emotions. net offers you an exceptional fortune telling experience. The idea behind the Tarot Lovers App is that it is meant to be like having your own Tarot Lovers deck in your pocket only it is actually on your smartphone. It’s a wonderfully positive sign for beauty, attraction, affection, and long-lasting love. Browse Tarot Card Decks Previous Deck: Karma Next Deck: Magic Manga Lovers Path. mankind, since the murder symbolises analysis and the subsequent contact, synthesis. An angel or cupid, a man and a woman, two trees (in Waite, it is Adam & Eve with one tree having a serpent and apples) - in some decks one tree is flowering, but the other has fruit. But the Lovers can also appear when a difficult choice needs to be made. The Lovers in a word: PASSION. All of the elements are there for the perfect union. Log In. It speaks of compelling connections: of physical unions and also of the synthesis of ideas. Each issue offers valuable resources in a diverse range of subject material, including Witchcraft & Paganism, Tarot & Divination, Magick & Shamanism, Alternative Health & Self-Help, and more » read more The Lovers represents intense feeling; pure passion, and serendipitous meetings. com is the complete guide to tarot cards, their meanings, readings, spreads and illustrations, along with free online tarot card readings. Reversed Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Flagship Tarot. This experience is based on research conducted in the nineteenth century by the French magus, Edmond, and is the most advanced research that has been carried out nowadays from Edmond's Contact Us. 7. A professional Tarot reader for more than 20 years, Brigit founded Biddy Tarot in 1999, where each year more than 4. The Lovers’ Tarot says your relationship with this creature will certainly open your heart and bring you much joy and happiness. Welcome to Tarot for Lovers! As a tarot reader with over 20 years experience, I get many clients who want to gain better insights into their lover's feelings and heart. On the left, female […] The Lovers celebrate the sacred feast of Beltane (May Day) in their green- wood bower, attended by the swan of Aphrodite and her twin doves. In a Tarot card reading, The Lovers card can be a symbol of love, marriage, relationships and choice. A perfect gift for Valentine's Day! The Lovers (Tarot Magnets) U. 10. The first card that is not centred around a central figure, but two instead. By subscribing you agree to receive email communication from me and   Lovers Tarot Card Meaning: this is the card of choices, virtue and balance. E. … If he said he'd call after that slightly awkward first date, he meant it in the ' traditional' way The Lovers. In its purest form, the Lovers card represents conscious connections and meaningful relationships. We have The Lovers articles from these authors. The meanings of The Lovers Tarot card. The Lovers Tarot Card and Numerology. The Lovers is a 2017 comedy romance film directed by Azazel Jacobs. The Lovers Tarot card meaning doesn’t always refer to a relationship with a person, but can represent having a passionate and all-consuming relationship with a hobby, interest, career or way of thinking. the lovers tarot as contact

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